Vidéo soin à l'oxygène.


Shéma de représentation de la pénétration du sérum par pression grace à l'oxygène. INTRACEUTICALS OXYGEN INFUSION ® is a non-invasive and a totally painless revolutionary treatment stemming from nanotechnology research. Its application for the face, neck, cleavage and hands provides a very pleasant and an extremely relaxing effect.

The benefits and objectives of this anti-aging skin care are both preventative and curative. It consists of slowing down the ageing process by boosting cell regeneration activity. This skin care tones, rehydrates, strengthens, plumps and increases the cellular metabolism, with both in-depth and on the surface results visible from the beginning of the treatment.

The Intraceuticals solution is based on the synergy of key elements giving both instant and long lasting visible results :

• The use of hyperbaric oxygen associated with a particular application technique by a brewer designed for the method
• Serums stemming from natural plants      
• The hyaluronic stratification optimized by a range of home skin care

There are no contraindications related to age or skin types. As this treatment is hypoallergenic, there are neither side effects nor undesirable marks.


Results are visible right
from the 1st session.

Oxygen and application

With the help of a special applicator called the handle-infuser connected to an oxygen concentrator, a micro hyperbaric oxygen bubble is created on the surface of the skin. It provides the deepest layers of skin with hyaluronic acid at a low molecular weight associated with a variety of different active ingredients according to the range of selected Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion® serums.

Intraceuticals Serums

The lightweight molecular hyaluronic acid, being the basis for the range of Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion® products stems from nanotechnology research.

It acts as the ‚carrier‘ of other vitamin molecules and antioxidants and ensures hydration of the intracellular matrix. A hyaluronic acid molecule attracts the equivalent to one thousand times its aqueous volume.

Therefore, in total synergy with oxygen, it improves cell metabolism as well as skin regeneration.

Range of Intraceuticals serums

• Rejuvenate Infusion
Moisturizing - Bio Revitalizing - Anti-Age | All skin types - Optimal for rosacea and other reactive skin types

• Opulence Infusion
Lightening - Illuminating | Skins with irregular pigmentation problems and skin patches

• Clarity Infusion
Acne - Impurities | Skin with Impurities and / or with excess sebum

•  Boosters
Antioxidant - Vitamin A - Vitamin C - Collagen